Diagnosis: the first step towards healing

Diagnosis: the first step towards healing


EDITDIAG is a blood test to diagnose and monitor mental illnesses, with a primary focus on depression.

How does it work?

The EDITDIAG test involves a simple blood test, quick and minimally invasive.

Once collected, the blood sample is sent to a laboratory to be analyzed. During the analysis, ALCEDIAG biomarkers are identified and quantified in the blood sample. They are then analyzed using ALCEDIAG proprietary algorithm. 

Within 48 hours, ALCEDIAG provides medical staff with the results of the analysis, which, combined with the results of the clinical examination, will improve the patient's diagnosis and management.

How can EDITDIAG help?

EDITDIAG objective is to improve well-being and support patients and their close ones. Timely and accurate diagnosis is the first step towards efficient patient management. By contributing to this diagnosis, EDITDIAG aims to improve patients’ lives throughout the treatment and healing phases until remission.

EDITDIAG provides unique objective and quantitative data to assist healthcare professionals in the process of diagnosing mental conditions. Diagnosing and managing mental illnesses are distinct processes in medicine. For most physical pathologies, many diagnostic tools exist, ranging from stethoscopes or even flashlights to the most advanced IRMs. Nevertheless, in order to diagnose or monitor mental illnesses, doctors rely almost exclusively on empirical elements such as experience, expertise, questionnaires and interviews. EDITIDAG aims to reverse this situation and provide objective and quantitative data to complement empirical elements.

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