Companion tests

ALCEDIAG develops companion tests in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, based on the company’s proprietary biomarkers and unique knowledge and expertise in RNA Editing.

ALCEDIAG, companion tests

Companion tests allow to identifying patients who are most likely to benefit from a particular therapeutic product. In psychiatric disorders, 40% of patients respond partially or do not respond to treatment. If the patient is a poor responder, he/she may also develop side effects. The companion test will detect those who respond well to the treatment. It will also identify patients who are at risk of developing adverse side effects. A companion test is specific to a given treatment and will help to monitor treatment response in order to improve its effectiveness and safety levels.

ALCEDIAG companion tests rely on a thorough analysis and understanding of the impact of the pathology or treatment on RNA editing at the patient level. As such, the objective of ALCEDIAG companion tests may be to assess a treatment’s effectiveness and to predict psychiatric adverse side effects.

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