Diagnostic – EDITDIAG

EDITDIAG, a major breakthrough for patient well-being and the first tool of its kind for medical staff.

Diagnosis mental illnesses – EDITDIAG

diagnoses mental illnesses, depression and suicidal tendencies

ALCEDIAG develops EDITDIAG, a blood test to diagnose mental illnesses, especially depression and suicidal tendencies.

EDITDIAG patented technology is based on the analysis of a panel of proprietary blood biomarkers using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing). With test results available in less than 48 hours, EDITDIAG provides medical staff with reliable, quantitative and objective data on the patient’s mental condition. 

With EDITIDIAG, ALCEDIAG supports medical staff in the diagnostic process and contributes to patient well-being.

EDITDIAG process
full test for complete diagnosis

EDITDIAG process full test for complete diagnosis


EDITDIAG completes and enriches current psychiatric diagnostic tools, which are almost entirely empirical and include questionnaires, analysis of the patient’s history, family situation, social environment, medical staff expertise, etc. 

EDITDIAG’s proprietary set of biomarkers adds a new, complementary dimension - biology.

The EDITDIAG test, which evaluates the risk of developing suicidal behavior, has already been clinically validated on a medium scale. It has demonstrated high performance in terms of specificity and sensitivity. The test is currently undergoing large-scale clinical studies before commercialization. EDITDIAG can already been used in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies in the context of development of CNS molecules, for example.

In addition, ALCEDIAG develops companion tests in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to increase the management of treatment and provide suitable patients with the correct drug.

Once commercialized, it will be possible to use EDITDIAG for all types of psychiatric diagnosis and in all locations, such as hospitals, specialized medical centers and by general practitioners. It can be used for patients with serious chronic mental illnesses as well as patients suffering from mild temporary symptoms. 

EDITDIAG H for “Hospitalization”
contribute to the patients’ well-being

EDITDIAG H (for “Hospitalization”) is the first commercial application of EDITDIAG technology and focuses on psychiatric diagnosis in emergency rooms.

ALCEDIAG offers the EDITDIAG H test to patients upon admission to emergency rooms for psychiatric or psychiatric-related reasons (anxiety, deep depression, suicidal ideas, self-inflicted injuries, etc.). In this context, EDITDIAG H, thanks to its biological objective data, supports medical staff in:

  • The delicate process of establishing a diagnosis in emergency rooms (limited means, level of severity and potentially high level of urgency, etc.)
  • The organization of patient care: ambulatory follow-up, hospitalization in a psychiatric department, etc.

With EDITDIAG H, ALCEDIAG contributes to patient well-being, improves patient management and supports medical staff in their daily work. It also assists hospitals in resources optimization.

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