EDITDIAG: Precision diagnostics solutions

ALCEDIAG develops EDITDIAG, a major breakthrough for patient well-being and a first-in-class tool for medical staff.

Diagnosis mental illnesses – EDITDIAG

ALCEDIAG develops EDITDIAG, a set a diagnostic solutions based on ALCEDIAG patented biomarkers and proprietary algorithms, including:

  • Diagnostics;
  • Monitoring;
  • Companion diagnostics.

EDITDIAG aims to answer the mental health unmet medical needs and bring a solution to patients, healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies. The mental health medical sector is undermined by suboptimal treatments and challenging patient management:

  • Diagnostics in mental health relies on clinical evaluations which are time consuming, empirical and subject to human biases;
  • Psychotropic drugs have limited responder rate (in some cases no higher than 60%), leading to treatment withdrawals and several treatment attempts;
  • Drugs can have serious side effects that include symptoms worsening and may lead to suicide attempts;
  • Assessment of treatment efficacy remains complicated due to long time to onset and diagnostics difficulties.

ALCEDIAG innovative solutions contribute to optimize and improve patient management. EDITDIAG test is based on biological information completes and complement traditional psychiatric diagnostic tools, which include mostly empirical elements such as questionnaires, analysis of the patient’s history, family situation, social environment, expertise, etc.

ALCEDIAG biomarkers and biological signatures of mental diseases can be used in different settings to answer different clinical questions:

  • To allow an objective diagnosis of pathologies;
  • To prevent and manage possible adverse side effects;
  • To perform early responder / non responder tests;
  • To detect treatment-resistant patients;
  • Etc.

EDITDIAG meets the needs:

  • of patients for more efficient management;
  • of healthcare professionals to assist them in their decision making process and provide them with additional tools;
  • of pharmaceutical companies to efficiently stratify patients.

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