They support us


They support us

ALCEDIAG, partners meeting


myEDIT-B test is at the heart of an exclusive European partnership with the Synlab group of medical laboratories, the market leader in Europe, which has become myEDIT-B test’s distributor.

BPI, France Relance et France 2030

The SEM EDIT-B project aims to validate the clinical utility of the EDIT-B test for unipolar and bipolar depressed patients and perform a health economics study for EDIT-B. This project was financed by the French Government as part of France 2030 and by the European Union – Next Generation EU as part of the France Relance plan.

EIT Health

The EDIT-B Consortium and project aim to solve the bipolar disorder diagnostic challenge by using specific RNA editing based biomarkers and artificial intelligence to validate and commercialize a high performance and quick blood test to diagnose bipolar disorder.


NeuroDeRisk is an “Innovative Medicines Initiative” (IMI2) project aiming to provide novel validated integrated tools for improving the preclinical prediction of adverse effects of pharmaceuticals on the nervous system and thus help to de-risk drug candidates earlier in the Research and Development phases.


La région Occitanie supported the clinical development and validation of EDIT-B

Academic partners



Hospital Clinic Barcelona

ALCEDIAG has a recurring partnership with Sys2Diag, a laboratory from the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research). Sys2Diag runs cutting edge research for innovation in medical diagnosis and next generation medical interactives devices engineering.

ALCEDIAG is engaged into a recurring partnership with GHU Paris Psychiatrie & Neurosciences, the leading hospital player in mental illnesses and the nervous system in France.

ALCEDIAG is engaged into a recurring partnership with Hospital Clinic Barcelona, a leading healthcare, research and teaching center in Barcelona.

Others Partners

Impulsion - Villa M

Groupe Pasteur Mutualité and « iMpulsion-Villa M » acceleration programme

Villa M-Paris has created its ‘iMpulsion-Villa M’ acceleration programme in association with Groupe Pasteur Mutualité. This program of 8-months brings together around ten innovative start-ups in the health and e-health sector. The aim of the programme is to support them in the deployment of their innovative healthcare products, in order to improve the lives of millions of people. Groupe Pasteur Mutualité is a mutual insurance and services group for healthcare professionals.

ALCEDIAG – iMpulsion Villa M (

Bipolarite France

ALCEDIAG is a partner of and works with Bipolarite France, a patient association focusing on bipolar disorder and putting patients at the center of their action as “actors of their pathologies and authors of their lives”

France Biotech

ALCEDIAG is a member of France Biotech, the French trade association of biotechnology companies.


ALCEDIAG is a member of Medicen the Île-de-France / Paris competitiveness cluster focusing on health, gathering more than 510 innovators in health. 


ALCEDIAG is a member of Eurobiomed, the South of France competitiveness cluster, dedicated to Healthtech, bringing together more than 400 industrial players, research laboratories, universities, etc.