Press & Publications

Award | April 26, 2024

Winner of the Medical Biology Award – Grands Prix Check Up Santé 2024
Press Release | March 22, 2024

SYNLAB et ALCEDIAG lancent en France le test sanguin myEDIT-B pour différencier la dépression et les troubles bipolaires.
Press Release | November 06, 2023

50% Recruitment milestone reached in clinical validation study of EDIT B blood test: An aid for differential diagnosis of bipolar disorder based on RNA Editing biomarkers
Award | October 09, 2023

Finalist list of the European Lifestars Awards – Celebrating Life Science eXecutives & their partners!
Award | March 28, 2023

We won the Medical Diagnostic trophy at the 2nd edition of the “Healthtech awards” organised by France Biotech!
Press Release | March 27, 2023

ALCEDIAG and SYNLAB join forces in Europe to fight diagnostic delay of bipolar disorder with the EDIT-B™ test
News | November 18, 2022

OUEST-FRANCE À Montpellier, une start-up développe un test pour diagnostiquer la bipolarité
News | July 12, 2022

ALCEDIAG Announces the Inclusion of the First Patient in clinical validation study for EDIT-B test: an aid for differential diagnosis of bipolar disorder, based on RNA editing blood biomarkers

Scientific Publications

Journal of Affective Disorder | April 22, 2024

AI algorithm combined with RNA editing-based blood biomarkers to discriminate bipolar from major depressive disorders in an external validation multicentric cohort

Nicolas Salvetat, Francisco Jesus Checa-Robles, Aurélie Delacrétaz, Christopher Cayzac, Benjamin Dubuc, Diana Vetter, Jacques Dainat, Jean-Philippe Lang, Franziska Gamma, Dinah Weissmann

Psychiatry Research | September 10, 2023

Euthymic and depressed bipolar patients are characterized by different RNA editing patterns in blood

Mirian A.F. Hayashi, Nicolas Salvetat, Christopher Cayzac, Francisco Jesus Checa-Robles, Benjamin Dubuc, Sandie Mereuze, João V. Nani, Franck Molina, Elisa Brietzke, Dinah Weissmann

Translational Psychiatry | July 06, 2022

A game changer for bipolar disorder diagnosis using RNA editing-based biomarkers

Nicolas Salvetat, Francisco Jesus Checa-Robles, Vipul Patel, Christopher Cayzac, Benjamin Dubuc, Fabrice Chimienti, Jean-Daniel Abraham, Pierrick Dupré, Diana Vetter, Sandie Méreuze, Jean-Philippe Lang, David J. Kupfer, Philippe Courtet, Dinah Weissmann

Translational Psychiatry | March 05, 2021

Phosphodiesterase 8A to discriminate in blood samples depressed patients and suicide attempters from healthy controls based on A-to-I RNA editing modifications

Nicolas Salvetat, Fabrice Chimienti, Christopher Cayzac, Benjamin Dubuc, Francisco Checa-Robles, Pierrick Dupre, Sandie Mereuze, Vipul Patel, Catherine Genty, Jean-Philippe Lang, Jean-François Pujol, Philippe Courtet & Dinah Weissmann

Journal of NeuroVirology | October 21, 2019

RNA editing blood biomarkers for predicting mood alterations in HCV patients

N. Salvetat, S. Van der Laan, B. Vire, F. Chimienti, S. Cleophax, J. P. Bronowicki, M. Doffoel, M. Bourlière, R. Schwan, J. P. Lang, J. F. Pujol, D. Weissmann

Translational Psychiatry | February 15, 2019

Brain region-specific alterations of RNA editing in PDE8A mRNA in suicide decedents

Fabrice Chimienti, Laurent Cavarec, Laurent Vincent, Nicolas Salvetat, Victoria Arango, Mark D. Underwood, J. John Mann, Jean-François Pujol, Dinah Weissmann

Drug Discovery Today | April 14, 2017

Emerging RNA editing biomarkers will foster drug development

S. Van der Laan, S. Salvetat, D. Weissmann, F. Molina

Translational Psychiatry | August 30, 2016

Region-specific alterations of A-to-I RNA editing of serotonin 2c receptor in the cortex of suicides with major depression

D Weissmann, S van der Laan, MD Underwood, N Salvetat, L Cavarec, L Vincent, F Molina, JJ Mann, V Arango and JF Pujol

Translational Psychiatry | August 20, 2016

In vitro screening for drug-induced depression and/or suicidal adverse effects: a new toxicogenomic assay based on CE-SSCP analysis of HTR2C mRNA editing in SH-SY5Y cells

D Weissmann, S van der Laan, MD Underwood, N Salvetat, L Cavarec, L Vincent, F Molina, JJ Mann, V Arango and JF Pujol