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ALCEDIAG is a personalized medicine company focusing primarily on mental health.

ALCEDIAG personalized medicine company

The company develops and places diagnostic solutions, patient stratification solutions and companion tests on the market, in addition to predictive tests for drugs to anticipate possible adverse psychiatric side effects.

ALCEDIAG has over 10 years of expertise and experience in R&D.  Its patented technology focuses on epigenetics and more particularly on the analysis of RNA editing. Epigenetics allows a dynamic approach to patient conditions, considering the development of pathologies, medical treatments and other internal or external elements. 

ALCEDIAG’s highly innovative and patented technology includes a panel of molecular biomarkers making it possible to perform the psychiatric diagnostic of patients and manage treatments using common, easy to collect blood samples using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing).

ALCEDIAG – Ambition

ALCEDIAG’s ambition is to push the final barrier of biology: brain and mental illnesses, with breakthrough technologies for improved patient management.

ALCEDIAG solutions provide a unique set of biological, quantitative and objective data to support the work and decision making of medical staff and pharmaceutical companies. To assess the psychiatric condition of patients, psychiatrists currently rely on questionnaires and interviews, on the patients’ history and on their own experience and expertise. ALCEDIAG blood tests will complement these empirical elements and benefit both health professionals and patients. 

Through its innovative solutions, ALCEDIAG aims to be a major actor in the fight against mental illness, which represents a major and growing issue across the world:

  • 25% of people in the world affected by mental or neurological disorders during their lives;
  • 350 million people suffering from depression in the world;
  • 800 thousand suicides in 2012 or one death every 40 seconds;
  • One suicide every 20 seconds in 2020;
  • 10 to 20 times as many suicide attempts as suicides;
  • 60% of patients not responding to available treatment and developing adverse side effects

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