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ALCEDIAG is a precision diagnostics company focusing primarily on mental health. 

ALCEDIAG personalized medicine company

ALCEDIAG products and services are based on the study of RNA editing, an epigenetic mechanism, and include:

  • A set of blood-based diagnostic solutions;
  • A biomarker discovery platform;
  • A catalog of cell tests.

ALCEDIAG develops and commercializes blood-based diagnostic solutions for mental health. ALCEDIAG tests, which combine biology and epigenetics, have two major advantages: 

  • To be fully objective as the tests measure biological biomarkers and include no empirical aspect or bias. 
  • To be dynamic, since epigenetic markers, including ALCEDIAG biomarkers, evolve in time along with the evolution of the pathologies, the impact of treatment, etc.

ALCEDIAG solutions support the entire patient management chain from initial diagnostics to monitoring and remission. Thanks to its game changing technology, its cohorts of more than 600 patients and its experience, ALCEDIAG aims to:

  • Answer the unmet medical need of mental health diagnosis, which combines challenging patient assessment, serious side effects (including suicide), limited responder rates, etc.
  • Create value and business opportunities for both ALCEDIAG and its partners by commercializing highly differentiating solutions. 

ALCEDIAG has developed a biomarker discovery platform that is used to serve the company’s R&D needs, as well as the ones of third parties. ALCEDIAG methodology combines biological and network analyses to identify innovative biomarkers and biological signatures specific to mental health disorders, which will help to diagnose and manage patients.

Beyond mental health diseases, this platform can be used for a large range of pathologies including neurodegenerative disorders, inflammatory diseases and cancers.

ALCEDIAG has developed a catalog of cell tests to mimic drugs impact on RNA editing in patients. In addition, the company commercializes a proprietary cell test to anticipate drugs adverse psychiatric side effects.

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