EDITDIAG, a diagnostic test at the service of the medical staff.

EDITDIAG, a diagnostic test at the service of the medical staff


EDITDIAG is a blood test to diagnose mental illness, with a primary focus on depression and mental illnesses.

EDITDIAG will initially be intended for patients admitted to emergency rooms for severe depression, anxiety or suspected suicide attempts. In a second time, ALCEDIAG will then make its tests available in other settings, for example to general practitioners, psychiatrists, etc.

How does it work?

The EDITDIAG test involves a simple blood test. It is thus quick and minimally invasive.

Once collected, the blood sample is sent to a laboratory to be analyzed. During the analysis, ALCEDIAG biomarkers are identified in the blood sample. The quantitative analysis of these biomarkers compared to the ALCEDIAG proprietary algorithm provides valuable information on the patient’s mental health and possible illnesses.

Within 48 hours, ALCEDIAG provides the medical staff with the results of the analysis, which, combined with the results of the clinical examination, will improve the patient's diagnosis.

What can EDITDIAG do for you?

Without a doubt, performing a psychiatric diagnosis requires time, experience and expertise but this is not all. Having access to the patient’s history, being in contact with the patient’s relatives, winning the patient’s trust and having a patient who is able and willing to communicate are also essential elements. Furthermore, the data gathered are eminently empirical and thus may leave room for interpretation. In this context, EDITDIAG provides medical staff with biological, objective and quantitative data to support their work and facilitate the diagnostic process. EDITIDAG tests shall be integrated into current work processes to complement them.

When will EDITDIAG be available?

EDITDIAG has already been validated by several clinical studies and is currently available for research use only.

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