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06 Dec 2022

JIB (Journée de l’Innovation en Biologie)

We are honored to have won a patient association's award at JIB 2022!
We were chosen for the award because depression is often an early symptom accompanying many other conditions. It is therefore crucial to be able to diagnose it accurately and quickly, as part of the overall intervention the patients need.

Thank you Medicen Paris Region!

And a huge thank you to the patient associations for their trust and all the ideas they kindly shared with us during the Journées d'Innovation en Biologie - JIB in Paris last week.

Enabling patients to benefit from innovations in biology, and particularly in mentalhealth, is what we work on every day, with great conviction. Thank you for supporting us in our actions and helping us!!

JIB (Journée de l’Innovation en Biologie)
18 Nov 2022

OUEST-FRANCE À Montpellier, une start-up développe un test pour diagnostiquer la bipolarité

With a vision to save the lives of millions of bipolar patients by reducing diagnostic time from years to mere days, and with the goal to help psychiatrists refine their diagnosis in order to determine whether a patient is suffering from classic depression or bipolar disorderALCEDIAG is developing a simple blood test to achieve it all!
“Thanks to advances in biology and artificial intelligence, we have demonstrated that there are characteristic RNA editing changes in the brains of depressed people. We then identified specific biomarkers in their blood”, explains Dinah Weissmann, co-founder and CSO of ALCEDIAG. In short, she simplifies , “when the brain malfunctions, it sends signals to the body, like a diseased kidney or liver would do”.

Thank you Ouest-France for the coverage!

Dinah Weissmann, spécialiste en neurosciences et cofondatrice de la société bio pharmaceutique ALCEDIAG ©OUEST-FRANCE


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