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19 Mar 2020

World Bipolar Day

Our Business Development manager, Marianne Morini, has always been fascinated with the brain. So much so, that her childhood dream was to become a neurosurgeon! For her, bringing ALCEDIAG solutions to market, is a way to help drive better #diagnostics and #treatment for #mentalhealth conditions and she doesn’t let anything stop her, not even working from home these days! #Worldbipolarday #bipolarbrave #bipolar #bipolardisorder

* pictures were taken during brighter days, when our team was all in the office and before the #coronavirus outbreak

17 Mar 2020

Word Bipolar Day

#Weshallovercome! Our #Bioinformatics team works hard every day to develop solutions for #personalizedmedicine, and to make a positive impact on the life of not only #mentalhealth patients, but of their families and environment as a whole. Even now, in these trying times they are hard at work! We're proud of you Dinah Weissmann Nicolas SALVETAT Vipul Patel and Francisco Jesús Checa Robles#worldbipolarday #bipolarbrave #bipolar #bipolardisorder

* pictures were taken during brighter days, when our team was all in the office and before the #coronavirus outbreak

03 Mar 2020

World Bipolar Day

About 2.6% of the population age 18 and older, at any given time have #bipolardisorder. diagnosing bipolar disorders correctly is one of the biggest challenges to date. It is often not recognized as an illness, and people may suffer for years before it is properly diagnosed and treated.
At the end of this month, on March 30th, the world will mark #worldbipolarday and this year's theme is #bipolarbrave, empowering people to tell their story and break the stigma.

We're proud to support this campaign and empower any bipolar people out there, as we continue to work diligently to develop the best and most reliable #diagnostic tool for #bipolar disorders.
Follow us to join the campaign and support people who suffer from bipolar disorder!
International Bipolar Foundation

21 Feb 2020

EDITOX patent in Japan

ALCEDIAG is proud to announce its new granted patent in Japan for EDITOX.
Evaluation of the potential risk of drug induced mood disturbance and suicide : use of a dedicated platform.
#patent #international #japan

31 Oct 2019

NeuroDeRisk project : Cracking the code of neurotoxicity

NeuroDeRisk project : Cracking the code of neurotoxicity. A consortium of 18 international partners, funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMIwith a €10m budget, aims to develop predictive tools regarding neurotoxicity on pharmaceutics R&D process. Scientific research will lead to build a comprehensive and integrated toolbox dealing with adverse effects of pharmaceuticals. ALCEDIAG is proud to be part of NeuroDeRisk consortium and to bring its expertise for this project.

15 Oct 2019

Suicide: one person dies every 40 secondes

Suicide: one person dies every 40 secondes. Behind this chilling statistic there are real person lives. Statistics cannot express the impact of the loss of a family member. The Museum of Lost and Found Potential, at London, tries to put faces to mental health statistics, showing personal things linked to mental health statistics. We know that a quicker diagnosis can saves thousands lives every years. That is why ALCEDIAG develop diagnosis tools to help Physicians to detect and support mental illnesses.

08 Oct 2019

October 10th is the World Mental Health Day

October 10th is the World Mental Health Day. This year “suicide prevention” is the main theme of World Mental Health Day. As WHO states : “Every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide.”

At ALCEDIAG, we think that a better diagnosis of mental illnesses can be a major way to prevent suicide.

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18 to 21 Jun 2020

22th Annual conference of The International Society for Bipolar Disorders

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