Adverse side effects anticipation – EDITOX

EDITOX, an innovative, reliable, efficient and ethical solution to anticipate psychiatric drugs adverse effects.

Adverse side effects anticipation – EDITOX

ALCEDIAG develops and commercializes EDITOX, an in vitro cell test to assess a drug’s potential to induce adverse psychiatric effects.

EDITOX is a set of solutions to be used primarily during the preclinical drug development phases. EDITOX allows pharmaceutical companies to anticipate, potential psychiatric adverse side effects for a drug candidate. EDITOX primarily focuses on but is not limited to adverse side effects such as depression and suicidal behavior.

Thanks to EDITOX, ALCEDIAG aims firstly to complement and then finally replace tests for psychiatric adverse side effects currently performed on rodents. Animal testing, beyond the many ethical issues that surrounds it, has proved over the years to be of limited efficiency: several molecules having successfully passed the tests on rodents, yet have been later removed from the market after waves of depression or even suicidal behavior among the patients treated.

EDITOX A for “Assessment”

EDITOX A is a standardized test to assess the potential for a drug to induce adverse side effects such as depression and suicidal behavior.

The EDITOX A standard test includes the evaluation of potential adverse side effects at three different drug concentrations. The objective is to avoid the development of adverse side effects in patients. EDITOX A results are provided in the form of a risk assessment: “Low risk”, “Undefined risk” or “High risk”.

EDITOX Process

EDITOX process


EDITOX O for “Optimization”

As a complement to EDITOX A, ALCEDIAG proposes EDITOX O for “Optimization”.

EDITOX O is a service based on the analysis of RNA editing molecular interactions to reverse adverse side effects induced by the drug. This service is destined for drugs that have been identified as “High risk” by EDITOX A in terms of adverse psychiatric side effects. The objective of EDITOX O is to maintain drug curative possibilities while mitigating the risks of adverse psychiatric side effects.

The EDITOX O service is aimed at pharmaceutical companies who are willing to “save” a molecule with exceptional curative possibilities. It optimizes the overall development costs, by preventing the discontinuation of research on drug candidates.

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